Cheating Athletes

I have always enjoyed sport, but I am not sure what sport is coming to these days. There seems to be one scandal after the other, and some sort of doping is always on top of the agenda. Sports used to be all about sports, now it is all about big money. I think that this has lead to a lot of cheating. Even some of the guys at the gym where I go after my London escorts shifts, are into cheating. One of the girls who I worked with at another London escorts, used to date this body builder and he ended up with a clot in his left lung after having taken steroids. Do London escorts cheat? So far, I have not heard of any London escorts who have taken performing enhancing drugs, but I do know of London escorts who in general cheat with their appearance.

The worst thing is slimming drugs. I have not taken any slimming drugs myself, but I do know of a few London escorts who have done so. It seems to be okay to do so for a couple of weeks. Any longer than that can have serious side effects. To my surprise, I learned that some athletes and body builders also take slimming drugs. They do it to get rid of under skin fat, and make themselves leaner. Not all slimming drugs show up on drug tests, but many of the more refined tests will show slimming drugs as well as other enhancement drugs. Taking slimming drugs is risky business as one of my London escorts friends found out. She ended up having serious digestive problems when she came off them, and found it hard to eat a full meal. It was not until another girl from our London escorts agency told her to get it sorted out, she finally went to the doctor. Slimming drugs seem to be available anywhere these days.

You can even buy them on the Internet and one of the more popular sites seems to be eBay. Sure, all of the girls who work as charlotte action escorts would probably love to keep slim, but at what costs. I have heard so many scary stories that I would not even consider popping one slimming tablet. You never know how your body is going to react. In fact, I think I would be too frightened to take slimming tablets. How many London escorts have taken slimming tablets? I would suspect that a large number of London escorts have taken slimming tablets at one time or another. Weight loss is something that we often talk about on our nights out. I know that my body is not always perfect, but I think that I would rather have it that way. Taking slimming drugs would simply represent too much of a risk to the rest of my health. Did you know that some slimming pills can induce heart attacks even in healthy young women? Think twice before you pop a pill whether you work for a London escorts service or love to achieve the perfect body in the gym.

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